Martha’s Story

Martha Gonzalez. Photo is from In These Times.

Martha Gonzalez fled Mexico in an act of desperation. She was trying to escape an abusive relationship when she decided to pay coyotes to help get her and her daughter across the border. As with so many others who feel they have no option but to seek safety in the United States by any means necessary, Martha was exploited by the coyotes she paid to get her across the border. They threatened Martha and her daughter with violence and forced Martha into sex work. …

A sewing factory in Downtown LA (Source:

Hidden Faces

A young Latina mother rises before the sun each morning to prepare for a 12 hour shift. She’ll spend that day working in a dimly lit factory that is covered in dust. Inside the factory, stacks of boxes block fire exits and because there is no air-conditioning, the heat becomes almost unbearable. She earns a piece-rate wage, meaning she is paid according to how much she produces as opposed to an hourly wage, so she’ll try to avoid drinking water to minimize bathroom breaks. …

By: Mira Seyal

Justice for survivors and their families begins with honoring the humanity of those who died. The Atalanta victims weren’t just case-in-point examples of racism and misogyny in America, they were mothers, friends, co-workers and daughters . One was known for her incredible work ethic as a massage therapist. Another was known for always making a point to celebrate her employee’s birthdays. Another loved her indoor aquarium, summer plants and pet Chihuahua. When we leave out these details of humanity, we reduce the value of human life to a statistic.

Discussing last week’s murders in a survivor-centric manner…

By: Jamie Beck

I was scrolling through Instagram the other night when a TikTok video caught my eye. It was a video of a young girl, she couldn’t have been more than 12 years old, wearing a very sexy outfit saying “small waist, pretty face, with a big bank.” It was my human trafficking training that made me take a closer look at this video. When I looked more closely, I noticed the hashtag #BigBankChallenge. When I clicked the hashtag, it took me to over 8,600 more videos of girls and boys of all ages doing the same thing. …

By: Mira Seyal

Although February’s surge of Black History Month content has begun to fade, racism has not. In many ways, Black History Month is a beautiful celebration of Black history and culture. It is also used to raise awareness and ask important questions about race in America. The annual observance becomes problematic however, when non-Black people disengage Black content with the end of the month as though its relevance is fleeting. Many individuals, companies, and policymakers, are guilty of using Black History Month as a checkbox to divert accountability rather than a reminder to do the hard work of…

Written By: Mira Seyal

A response to law enforcement’s recent encounter with 33 missing children found in Los Angeles.

On January 23, 2021, NBC reported that 33 missing children were “ rescued in a Los Angeles trafficking operation.” Several of the survivors had been trafficked in the past and 8 were being exploited at the time of recovery. It is hard to imagine that such a large-scale, successfully executed operation could bring bad news for trafficking survivors.

Yet, in the midst of this heartwarming story, almost as a side note, we are made aware that “some of the victims were…

Written By: Mira Seyal

This year, most companies faced difficulty maintaining sales and consumer demand. Porn facilitators were not in that category. With people self-isolating and working from home, Porn Hub found that as countries enacted shutdowns, usership increased dramatically. What many people in this substantial audience might not realize however, is that Porn Hub has been largely complicit in the global market for sex trafficking.

On the surface, Porn Hub may appear to some as a platform that supports sexual well-being. A recent New York Times exposeé on Porn Hub however, called attention to a dark side to the…

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