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  • MacKenzie Scott

    MacKenzie Scott

    Mom, writer, advocate.

  • Kerala Taylor

    Kerala Taylor

    Writing about the world we’ve lost and the world we’ve never had. Standing at the 4-way intersection of motherhood, work, race, and climate change.

  • Julia Appa

    Julia Appa

    Just a 22-year-old BA English student who’s obsessed with writing. Instagram: juliaminus_romeo

  • Justin Gosling

    Justin Gosling

    Justin is a law enforcement and criminal justice consultant, specialising in counter wildlife trafficking and environmental crime.

  • Mon Martínez Bracho

    Mon Martínez Bracho

    Majoring in International Relations and Political Sciences. Interested in history, drug trafficking, illicit markets, mexican army and corruption.

  • Charlotte Simons

    Charlotte Simons

    Writes for VICE and other publications | Between Uganda & The Netherlands | Mom to Akili | Child trafficking & orphanage industry | Writes in English and Dutch.

  • Carmen San Diego

    Carmen San Diego


  • Sabra Boyd

    Sabra Boyd

    Sabra is a child trafficking survivor who is seeking an agent for her true crime memoir | The Glass Castle x The Godfather | sabraboyd.com

  • Mikhail Bell

    Mikhail Bell

    I studied policy and sex trafficking for 5 yrs and fell in love w/ digital along the way. @Aboutscp Associate, ParkerMather CEO, @TechnicallyPHL contributor

  • Jeremy Malcolm

    Jeremy Malcolm

    Executive Director of Prostasia Foundation

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