Supporting Criminalized Human Trafficking Survivors Through Policy Change

TRIGGER WARNING — This article includes references to physical and sexual violence experienced by a human trafficking survivor.

Alexis Martin’s Story

Figure 1: “But as her case moved through the criminal justice system, little attention was paid to how the 15-year-old girl knew the 36-year-old man in the first place. Or what witnesses said he was doing to her. Or why she called him ‘Dad.’” Alexis Martin’s full story here:
Figure 2: Pallavi Garg, staff attorney and criminal justice program coordinator at Free to Thrive. Learn more about Pallavi here:
Figure 3: Figure 4 shows that the two largest obstacles that survivors face because of a criminal record is in housing and employment. The same study shows that over 75% of survivors have not been able to clear their records. Source: National Survivor Network Members Survey: Impact of Criminal Arrest and Detention on Survivors of Human Trafficking August 2016, full report here: